49 InDesign tutorials to level up your skills

Design a fashion magazine cover in Adobe InDesign

Use layered images and text to create a dynamic fashion cover

When it comes to magazine covers, fashion mags are at the creative forefront. In this tutorial you'll learn how to create your own glamorous cover for a fictional fashion magazine, using layered images and text to create a dynamic, three-dimensional design, selecting and applying typography effectively and appropriately, and accounting for practical issues like pricing and binding.

How to design a promo for an imaginary brand

Consistency is key when you're designing for a brand

When you're designing for a brand, consistency across all touch points is key so that any design relating to the brand is instantly recognisable. In this post, Luke O'Neill walks you through how to create a simple A5 promo for a contemporary brand, detailing how to create and then archive graphic elements in an InDesign library.

Create PDF forms

Michael Jarott, a design intern at Adobe, has created a downloadable InDesign tutorial to show you the basics of creating PDF forms. You'll learn how to create forms using the new Buttons and Forms panel in InDesign CS6 and export them as Interactive PDFs to Adobe Acrobat.

How to design a simple index

This InDesign tutorial explains how to use the Index palette. See how you can easily generating an index and play with typesetting using the software's built-in style sheets.

How to design distinctive monotone layouts

Over a series of simple steps, we'll show you how to create a one or two-colour document featuring type and images. There are also some helpful tips for making monotone images stand out on the page.

Design a custom, print ready pocket folder

Pocket folders are great for promotion; here's how to make one

A pocket folder can be a powerful promotional tool; here you'll learn how create one, from setting up a dieline and creating your design, through to preparing your file for delivery to your printer.

Brochure design re-imagined

In this InDesign tutorial, Nick Cannons walks you through how to create neat and consistent brochure spreads using some of the software's finest features.

How to bind a book: a 10-step guide

Everything you need to know about binding your own book

A handmade self-promotional book can make a cost-effective, personal and unique alternative to help you stand out. Here Karen Lewis explains how to bind a book in a few easy steps, from setting up page spreads and cover templates in InDesign, to the essential tools and techniques you need to bind your own books.

Create a pop-up promo card

Looking for a cheap and effective way to catch the attention of potential clients? Karen Lewis shows you how.

How to speed up your InDesign layouts

Learn how to scale and resize different gaps between objects and the best ways to use Live Corner Effects. This InDesign tutorial will teach you to how to quickly edit layouts without leaving the spread.

How to master multi-doc projects with the book function

There are many benefits to managing a multi-document publication as a book in InDesign. For instance, the documents are easier to keep track of when booked, especially if the publication is being produced in a workgroup over a network. It's also easier to ensure formatting and page numbering consistency. This InDesign tutorial walks you through how to use the Book function to control a multi-document project.

How to create a newsprint publication using InDesign CS5

This InDesign tutorial provides a basic insight into the process of developing a print publication. It highlights key points during the design process that will help you to develop a newspaper or magazine from initial concept through to finished product.

Create a calendar in InDesign

Create a calendar in InDesign

Jo Gulliver walks through how to design and edit a calendar using Scott Selberg’s Calendar Wizard script.

Create a 3D calendar with InDesign

In this tutorial, Jo Gulliver reveals how you can create a 3D calendar by creating and manipulating cube nets in InDesign.

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