7 great sketchbooks for designers

Whether you're working on a piece for your design portfolio or a new logo design, a sketchbook is an essential item for a designer to record ideas. If you're the hunt for a new one, we've got a great selection of designs that are sure to suit your requirements.

01. From.Tree Eco Sketchbook

This From Tree sketchbook is perfect for nature lovers

If you're a nature lover, then you'll love this eco-friendly sketchbook, the cover of which features tree bark patterns, and it includes a recycled paper pencil. There are 90 sheets in total, which can be easily torn out – perfect for recording your ideas on the go.  

02. Enchanted forest sketchbook

We just love the unique hand drawn enchanted forest design on the front of this simple A5 sketchbook. Filled with 80 pages of plain, quality 140gsm acid free paper, this little gem is perfect for recording your notes, sketches and doodles. 

03. Daler Rowney A3 sketchbook

Sketchbooks for designers Daler Rowney

If you're after a bog-standard, no-frills sketchbook, look no further than this Daler Rowney

If you're simply after a bog-standard, no-frills sketchbook, look no further than this spiral hardback Daler Rowney. Perfect for any creative, this sketchbook contains 30 A3 160gsm sheets.

04. Soft leather sketchbook

Sketchbooks for designers Soft leather

This beautiful, leather-wrapped sketchbook is completely handmade

This beautiful, leather-wrapped sketchbook is completely handmade, including the paper, which is sourced from treeless materials. Produced with fairtrade in mind and directly benefiting the communities in Nepal, sketch guilt-free in this gorgeous design.

05. One sketch a day

Sketchbooks for designers One sketch a day

Draw a sketch a day for a year with this handy sketchbook

Fancy setting yourself a challenge of creating a sketch every day this year? This sketchbook can will help you achieve just that. With space to draw each day for a year, capture impressions that might otherwise pass you by and watch as your skills evolve over time.

06. Mod

Now for something a little different. The Mod sketchbook looks, acts, smells, heck, it is the same as all the other sketchbooks on here, apart from one thing. When you're done with the with it, ship it off to Mod and they'll scan and digitize the entire thing in five days. Then, all of your sketches are stored in the Mod app (although you can also sync them with Evernote, Dropbox and OneNote), ready for you to access anytime you have your computer, phone or tablet on hand.

07. Dali pocket sketch

Sketchbooks for designers Dali pocket

Be inspired by Dali himself with this fun pocket-sized sketchbook, complete with a pull-out Salvador Dali bookmark. Use the artist bookmark to keep your place and simply slot him into the cover when you're finished. Features 50 mixed sheets of high quality cartridge paper and coloured drawing paper