3D print your own unique Scalextric-style cars

3D printing and programming; while one focuses on the physical and the other focuses on digital both of these techniques are becoming more common ways of bringing ideas to life, especially when it comes to education.

Born out of father Anish Mampetta's frustration with his child's over exposure to video games he launched a Kickstarter campaign for Cannybots, a DIY kit that teaches children how to design, build and program their own Scalextric style cars that can be controlled with their smartphone/tablet.

Cannybot players can create custom 3D-printed bodywork for their racers

Once assembled they can use their Cannybots to race, battle or even play more complicated games such as navigating a digital maze and solving puzzles.

All the family can get involved

With just a basic understanding of CAD children can create their own custom 3D printable bodies for their cars, and if they find programming a bit challenging they can use the CannyTalk app to create new games using everyday, natural language.

Use infrared to speed along flat tracks

As more schools are being encouraged to teach 3D printing and programming at a young age it's no surprise that products like Cannybots that get children learning in a fun and engaging way are starting to be adopted more and more.

Words: Christian Harries

Christian Harries is a freelance product designer and graduate from Ravensbourne. His portfolio can be seen here.

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