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New event offers 'special sauce' to boost your animation career

Some of the biggest global names in animation are descending on the UK capital, for a three-day event entitled World Animation Masterclass. And this is no ordinary series of talks, enthuses organiser Lee Murray.

"I contacted all of the famous animators I knew and asked them to help me build a really special event for the UK," he explains. "I wanted to provide the special sauce that gets you to the top of your game. That comes from information you could only gain with 25 years' experience, with proven workflows and techniques from top industry professionals. Information not found in books, online or in a video."

Studios involved in the event, which takes place at the Vue Cinema Complex, Leicester Square from 10-12 April, will include:

  • DreamWorks
  • Cinesite Studios London
  • FrameStore
  • MPC
  • Double Negative
  • Super Evil Megacorp
  • BlueZoo
  • CobbleStone Media
  • Ed Hooks "Acting for Animators"
  • Creative Skills Set
  • Zerply
  • Escape Studios
  • The Foundry

"It's taken a massive amount of time to bring the event together, studios and animators from around the world," Murray adds. "I want the event to be a true learning experience with every part of the content something special you can take away and use."

Target audience

So who can benefit? "Depending on your position as an animator, World Animation Masterclass is designed to either help break into industry or to help improve existing animation skills and progress your career with proven techniques and workflows," says Murray.

World Animation Masterclass is designed to either help break into industry or improve existing animation skills

"But overall, the animator who will get the most out of the event is the one who has drive and a thirst to learn to be the best they can be. Someone who really wants to progress and develop their animation skills whatever your level. Also animators who want to ask career advice and network with studios experts, who want reel advice and reel reviews."

It's also an opportunity to network and make valuable industry contacts, he adds. "Studios are hiring! So this is an opportunity to talk with reps and talents scouts and be hired by leading studios."

Learn more and register at the World Animation Masterclasses website.

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