Tim Burton-esque 3D illustration is out of this world

Inga Teder has recently graduated from SAE Institute London, and this project formed part of her final year's work. The title is the
name of the characters in Russian, explains Teder: "K'ukla means 'the puppet' and Yabloko means 'apple' - the cat is so fat and round, just like the fruit!"

Teder's favourite part of the process is character creation. She puts a little bit of her own personality into each of her creations. The piece took Teder around three months to complete, with the first month being spent solely developing the concept. "I like to start with simple sketches and drawings, and then develop them from there," she explains.

Teder's favourite part of the process is character creation

"I will play with all kinds of shapes and forms until I see something developing that I like. Once I have finalised the details of the characters, I create a world for them. I believe that the surroundings are always part of the characters - it's either their friend or their enemy," she adds.

Before she began modelling, Teder spent time drawing different versions of the cat and puppet. "The biggest challenge for me was to pose the cat, as I am not much of a rigger - the only option was to use ZBrush's Transform tools. In the end I was really quite pleased with the final result."

Teder's biggest challenge was posing the cat

This article originally appeared in 3D World issue 175.

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