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Japanese killer robot is crazily good

Crazy is a murderer and vandal in the city of Tokyo, in a world dominated by machines, where robots are separated into different social classes. It was created by 3D artist David Domingo Jiménez, and here we talk to him about his inspirations and how he brought his sinister character to life...

Q: What was the inspiration behind this illustration?

Out of a series of illustrations, this is the second of them, based on a world ruled by robots. It's inspired by the character of Canti and the story of the anime FLCL, in which a company called Medical Mechanica pretends to dominate the world. The work of artists such as Ian McQuee or Bhead was used as the principal artistic reference.

Q: What 3D software did you use?

I used a combination of tools from 3ds Max, ZBrush, Topogun, Bodypaint, Photoshop and V-Ray.

Q: Which was the most useful?

ZBrush as a tool is a luxury, you can very quickly generate proxy objects to shape then finish it later in 3ds Max, before going back into ZBrush to do the finishing touches. It's very dynamic and easy to work with.

Q: What was the most technically challenging part?

I didn't really encounter any technical challenges on this illustration. A good job in modeling, requires professional knowledge of the tool, as well as at texturing or shaders. Patience and perseverance are the main things that achieved this result.

Want to know exactly how Jiménez created Crazy? You'll find a character tutorial in the latest issue of 3D World magazine - on sale now!

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