Create an epic Titan character for the chance to win big

Allegorithmic, makers of video game development software Substance Painter, has launched Battle of the Titans, a contest to find the best new CG artists in the video games industry (or those looking to make take the leap into games).

"We want people to simply be creative, and surprise us with an original Titan concept," says Allegorithmic's Sébastieb Deguy. "Of course we're also looking for a solid execution in the asset (something beautiful) and a smart use of Substance. The software is pretty unique and this is a great occasion to show off how it can be leveraged in a real production context."

A copy of Modo, Maya and Substance Pro are included as prizes for the Battle of the Titans contest

Titanic challenge

Artists are invited to create a Titan character (beast, robot, something else that's huge and creative), texture it with Substance, and then post it in the Contest Forum where a jury composed of respected artists from AAA game dev and animation studios will assess it. Reps from Naughty Dog, Riot Games, EA DICE, Ubisoft, Blizzard and Dreamworks are all participating.

Brad Smith, senior texture artist at video game developer Naughty Dog, and judge, said: "I will be looking for thoughtful design, and intention. Intention in mark making, texture and materials. Design serves a function, and surfaces evolve through use, time and location."

Pay special attention to real world reference and don't just study other artist's creatures and creations

Fellow judge Gee Young from video game developer Respawn offered some advice to contestants: "This is an opportunity to create something original. Look at everything for inspiration but pay special attention to real world reference and don't just study other artist's creatures and creations. Study machines, reptiles, birds, animals, sea life, insects and humans."

If you want to enter, visit the Battle of the Titans page on Allegorithmic's site. The submission deadline is 18 July. Good luck!