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A new way to bypass the pitching process

What's the latest on making the full film?

Leviathan Still

Everyone's on board to start working on the full film

At the exciting paperwork phase - looking forward to being let off the leash when we pass go.

Simon Kinberg and Neill Blomkamp are on board to produce at Fox so there's a really awesome close-knit group already assembled that I know has worked brilliantly together in the past.

I feel like I've joined the X-Men even though my mutant superpower is... umm… being slightly overweight and making bad jokes occasionally. But the reaction to the piece has been really encouraging. Especially because it was such a big gamble.

What have you learned from this project?

I've learned that everything David Fincher says about filmmaking is 100% correct so just listen to him instead of me because I'll just reiterating lame retreads of things he's said much more eloquently in the past.

Words: Tom May

The CG Awards 2015

Leviathan Still

The CG Awards 2015 recognises the work of the entire industry: from software and hardware to artists and technicians. This year's awards are now open for nominations, so you can put forward your candidates right now. Just visit and nominate in one of the 17 categories.