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Pro texture painting tips in the new 3D World

The latest issue of 3D World is on sale now

The latest issue of 3D World is on sale now

Creating photoreal renders is a great skill to have, but in issue 189 of 3D World magazine, on sale now, Amir Erfani argues you should aim for more. In his tutorial, Amir shares his process for giving a standard car render a new, dramatic look.

Other tutorials this issue include how to blend Zbrush models and photography, making surreal renders in Arnold, and an imaginative approach to modelling an Egyptian pyramid.

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Plus! The issue also contains pro texture painting tips, a look behind the VFX of Star Wars and a glimpse behind the scenes of stop-motion powerhouse Laika and how they produced thousands of face parts for The Boxtrolls.

Tutorials this issue include:

  • How to create photoreal vehicle renders with artistic impact
  • Blend CG and photos: Learn to integrate CG and photography for unreal scenes
  • Xgeb and Arnold Renders: Realise a surreal fantasy scene using XGen and Arnold
  • Learn fluid simulation: Create realistic streaming fluids in RealFlow and 3ds Max
  • Video game environment: Part 3 of the series looks at using assets and materials
  • Model a detailed scene: Create a complex environment using Modo 801

Features this issue include:

  • The technology of Star Wars
  • Titanic textures: Tips on using the Substance Suite
  • A thousand faces: The Boxtrolls: Laika’s 3D print
  • The rise of CG in broadcast sports
  • Explore the awarding-winning Natalis

Reviews this issue include:

  • Marvelous Designer 4: The cloth sim tool gets a revamp
  • MSI WS60-2OJ: The ultra-thin laptop impresses
  • Interpro IPW-HWE: A powerful machine that comes at a price, will you be convinced?
  • LG 21:9 Ultrawide: Are two screens better than one?