Kinetic typography: the new anarchist weapon

This super-cool infographic kinetic typography animation tells the story of how online hactivist group Anonymous came together in 2003 and subsequently went on to stage various protest actions.

The 90-second video was created by multimedia designer Savva Tsekmes, who comments on his website: "The animation is based on the online vigilantism; primarily concentrating on the ramifications of online activist anonymous who use hacking as their weapon of choice. The style was based heavily on the style of motion graphics artist: Patrick Clair seen on abc’s hungry beast program."

3D effects

The designer used 3D effects throughout the animation, modelling logos, electronics and text to convey his messages. Tsekmes also combined infographic animation and kinetic typography - animated moving text - to create a dynamic and visually pleasing presentation of the information he gathered.

Designer Savva Tsekmes combined infograpic animation and kinetic typography to create the dynamic 90-second video

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