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9 things we learned about colour at Adobe's Twitter Party

05. Designers shoud be aware of colour theroy, but not slaves to it

As the old adage goes, you have to know the rules before you can break them. By understanding how colour can impact an audience, you can harness its power for your designs – whether that's through conventional or more unusual means.

Adobe's Rufus Deuchler drew attenion to Creative Cloud expert Stephane Baril's masterclass, 'Learn About The Theory of Colour Using Adobe Creative Cloud'.

And several people spoke of different tools available for creating new colour palettes and experimenting with colour in new ways.

06. There will always be a compromise between CMYK and RGB

Gavin Strange, aka Jam Factory, is a senior designer at Aardman. He asked: "Using technology, will we ever be able to match CMYK and RGB colours perfectly?"

Tony Harmer explained that there will likely always be some degree of compromise because RBG is made of light and CMYK is ink. Rufus Deuchler agreed...

07. Watch out for over-saturation on mobile devices

It's a new trend, said Rufus Deuchler, "probably coming from our 'instagram like' perceptions of reality on mobile."

The education of clients is the hardest part, Deuchler added.

08. Colour has the power to accentuate

Studio DBD's Dave Sedgewick is "a sucker for black and white". He asked what Adobe could do to convince him to use other colour combos...

09. The perfect CMYK value for gold is...

We saw some healthy debate over exactly what constitues the best CMYK value of gold. Here are a few of the suggestions:

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Join us next time...

A huge thank you to Adobe and everyone who joined us last night to debate the role of colour in design. See you next time!

Words: Julia Sagar
Opening illustration: Pedro Vilas-Boas for Computer Arts issue 164

Julia Sagar is commissioning editor at Creative Bloq.

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