First big update to Photoshop CC 2014

The paint's barely dry on Photoshop CC 2014 - but here come the first new features

When Adobe moved Photoshop to the Creative Cloud subscription model, it made big play of the fact that updates would come fast and furious. And in contrast to the old 'boxed software' model, updates could be made quickly and simply via the net.

So its release of a 'new version' of Photoshop in June, titled Photoshop CC 2014, had a lot of people confused. If updates were going to be 'little and often', why this 'big and sudden' new version? And would that mean we'd have to wait a long time for further updates?

Well, now Adobe's answered the second half of the question at least, by announcing the first lot of new updates to Photoshop since the CC 2014 version was released.

3D printing advances

The new updates all focus on the 3D printing feature in Photoshop CC, which simplifies the process of printing your 3D creations. This means you can print your 3D objects on your own 3D printer, export the object for printing, or print to a 3D printing service.

3D printing may not be directly relevant to your work – not yet anyway – but at the very least the new updates are an indication that further, broader new features are likely on their way. When they arrive, we'll let you know asap!

In the meantime, the latest new features include:

01. Expanded 3D printing support

There are now more places you can 3D print your models via Photoshop

If you're looking to create print-ready 3D files for a broader range of printers and service providers, Photoshop now supports the fifth generation MakerBot Replicator 3D printer and Japanese online 3D printing service

02. Support for more 3D file formats

You can now broaden your 3D workflow with support for new file formats, including VRML, U3D, PLY, and IGES. The new updates offer better integration with CAD workflows, improved support for 3D scanners, and more.

03. Streamlined 3D painting

The new 3D printing painting experience in Photoshop CC

Improvements in Photoshop make painting your 3D models faster and easier, Adobe say.

04. Optimized 3D printing resources

You can now easily lay out multiple 3D objects on a single print bed to maximize the efficiency of your print run.

05. 3D printing workflow improvements

3D printing work by Bradley Rothenberg. Photo by Three as Four

This update means you can now load assemblies in Photoshop. Add depth and texture to surfaces more easily with normal maps and bump maps made from pictures; get more accurate previews and higher fidelity mesh repair.

To get the update:

  1. Look for the update in the Creative Cloud application and click 'Update'. If it doesn’t appear, you may need to quit and re-launch the Creative Cloud application.
  2. If you don’t have the Creative Cloud application running, start Photoshop and choose Help>Updates.
  3. The Adobe Application Manager will launch. Select Adobe Photoshop CC (2014) and choose Update.

What would you like to see added to Photoshop CC 2014? Let us know in the comments!