First big update to InDesign CC

Activate the feature via the Preferences panel

When Adobe launched the Creative Cloud suite back in May, one of the big benefits to users of Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC was the ability to sync settings between two computers - typically your office computer and home computer. Now the 'Sync Settings' features has come to InDesign CC as well, in the first big update to the popular desktop publishing software since launch.

The 'Sync Settings' dialog box lets you choose which settings to sync

Anyone who uses one computer at home and another at work can now use the Sync Settings feature to save their preferences for keyboard shortcuts, presets, customised menus, glyphs and workspaces. Then wherever InDesign is opened, the settings will be the same.

Everything from keyboard shortcuts to workspaces can be customised

To sync your settings, simply choose Preferences >Sync Settings and a dialog box will appear. (If the new CC update isn't show up, Adobe suggest you try quitting out and relaunching.) Choose which settings you wish to sync, press the 'Sync Settings Now' button and the information will be uploaded to the Cloud. Then the next time you go to your other device you'll be able to sync the settings there.

You can see the new feature in action in the video posted here.

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