Adobe's new Moleskine will digitise your drawings

Adobe's Moleskine is designed for digital

Adobe's Moleskine is designed for digital

We all love our Moleskine notebooks, right? And whatever your views on Adobe, few designers can live without its software. Well, now the two companies have teamed up on a new product that will sorely tempt creatives everywhere – as well as those scratching their heads over what to buy a designer for Christmas.

Because the Adobe Creative Cloud-branded Moleskine notebook for sketching isn't just beautifully produced. It also allows you to easily convert your drawings into digital form, so you can work on them further in Photoshop or Illustrator.

Paper to screen

Convert your notebook sketches into digital files with this clever app

Convert your notebook sketches into digital files with this clever app

So how does it work? In short, you draw in the 'Moleskine Smart Notebook (Creative Cloud connected)' and capture your creations using the companion app (free for iPhone only).

Essentially, the page markers in the corners of the notebook assist the pre-processing and the optimization of the image. The image is then synced to Adobe Creative Cloud in two different file formats (JPG and SVG) and can be opened and edited in Photoshop CC or Illustrator CC for the final stages of your work.

Simplifying the process

The companion app is free for iOS users

The companion app is free for iOS users

"Adobe is committed to providing products and services that simplify the creative process from concept to production," explained Behance's Scott Belsky. "Our collaboration with Moleskine helps facilitate this process, with tools for sketching on paper and then refining the project digitally."

The partnership is the latest move from Moleskine aimed at bridging the gap between analouge and digital sketching. Other recent innovations have included the Moleskine Livescribe Notebook, the Moleskine Evernote Collection and print-on-demand Moleskine books of artwork created via the Paper app.

You can find more details of Adobe's Moleskine here.

Are you tempted by this 'smart notebook'? Let us know your views in the comments below!

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