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#SingItKitty - the new ad from the team behind #DancePonyDance

80s rock fans rejoice! Wieden+Kennedy, who were responsible for the viral hit #DancePonyDance have returned with this brilliant commercial for mobile network THREE. Combining an epic song with another cute and cuddly animal might seem predictable - but it works brilliantly yet again.

The new ad is set to Starship’s eighties power-pop anthem, 'We Built This City', and turns a shared moment between a young girl and her adorably cute pet kitten into an epic and emotion-filled journey that sees the duo belt out a powerful rendition of the song whilst tearing up the cul-de-sac on a pink tricycle.

"Following on from The Pony was a daunting challenge, but we’ve enjoyed the ride," says Chris Lapham from W+K creatives. "Every whisker-twitching, pedal-pumping, sprinkler-drenching minute of it."

You can even make your own version of the adorable advert with a brilliant web app, which incorporates your own face. We have a feeling this one's going to be just as popular as the ponies.

See more inspiring work over on the Wieden+Kennedy website.

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