How to avoid losing your Apple Pencil

A man not losing his Apple Pencil, using it with an iPad in a cafe
(Image credit: Pavel Danilyuk via Pexels)

Losing your Apple Pencil can be a big frustration for anyone who uses Apple's stylus to create art or take notes on their iPad. The Apple Pencil is one of our favourite styluses, especially the second-gen iteration. It's well build, comfortable to hold and it feels perfectly weighted to use with the iPad. With its pressure sensitivity and other features, it also feels wonderfully natural for digital illustration. 

But as with any accessory, you might fight that you keep losing your Apple Pencil. If you have Apple Pencil 2 and a newer compatible iPad model, then you have the advantage of magnetic connection to hold it fairly well to the tablet. If you have Apple Pencil 1 and an older device, you don't have that option, and worse still, the Apple Pencil 1's rounded shape means that it can easily roll away.

Craig Stewart

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