How to avoid losing your Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil is a glorious thing. A true designer's tool, our reviewer reckons it is the best digital drawing tool there has ever been. It feels right to hold, it is weighted perfectly, and it pairs with the iPad Pro and various apps to create a peerless digital drawing experience.

However… Apple's relentless quest for minimalism led the Pencil to be completely cylindrical which has led to a major issue – it can roll off anything but the most level surface, and that can lead to it being lost or damaged.

So how can you keep hold of your precious Pencil? We took a look at some of the available accessories plus some devilishly clever hacks to ensure your stylus stays put.

01. Mildly magnetic iPad Smart Keyboard

The Pencil just about hangs on when held upright…

If you are using a Smart Keyboard with your iPad Pro, you'll find that it is mildly magnetic along the left-hand edge, and the Apple Pencil will just about cling on. Okay, this is not a long-term solution but it will stop the Pencil from rolling away on its own if you leave your desk.

02. Moxiware Magnet sleeve

Moxiware has produced a very Apple OE-esque set of sleeves for the Pencil, that give it a truly magnetic connection to your iPad Pro. Get hold of one here

03. Pencil clip hack

Reddit user texasdoesitbest discovered that the Pentel Sharp Automatic Pencil's removable metal clip fits the Apple Pencil exactly. And as it is chrome, it even matches the Pencil's shiny metal band. Discover how it's done here – great gadget hack!

04. Leuchtturm1917 Pen Loop

Leuchtturm1917's pen loop is designed for the company's sumptuous notebooks

Premium notebook-maker Leuchtturm1917, which is the notebook preference of some of the CB office, sells a handy pen loop to attach to its stationery. It is a quality item, as befits the Leuchtturm1917 brand, and Tumblr blogger #MykeWasRight spotted that this would make an excellent Apple Pencil holder.

He's right – it looks neat and you can select a colour to suit your iPad Pro or Smart Cover's dominant hue – but what you really need to do it pair it with the pencil clip hack (03, above) just to ensure that there is something stopping the Pencil from escaping. Belt and braces, and all that…

05. Belkin Base for Apple Pencil

Belkin's stand doesn't charge but it looks just lovely and has a nice heft

Belkin's Base for Apple Pencil gives you an elegant storage solution to keep your stylus protected between uses. It has been crafted out of aircraft-grade aluminium with a beautiful chrome finish, and it is specifically designed for the Apple Pencil. 

Its compact size ensures a seamless fit to any desktop space and the base has a nice heft to ensure stability and added protection for the tip of your Apple pencil. It doesn't charge, but it does look very cool – and it does the job of ensuring you know where your Pencil is with aplomb.

06. Make a stand out of Lego

Like foul-mouthed Glaswegian illustrator @davidgalletly has. F*****g cool.

07. Stylus Sling

The Stylus Sling straps your Pencil to your iPad

The Stylus Sling is a way to strap your Apple Pencil to your iPad to ensure it's with you at all times. A little utilitarian in design, it maxes on effectiveness – and it cleverly has a little pocket to slot the lightning connector cover into so you don't mislay that, either.

08. Use a Pencil by 53 instead

The Pencil by 53 is a brilliant stylus with a less rolls-off-the-desk shape

Pencil by 53 is a great stylus – it allows you to write and draw from any angle, there's an eraser on the end of the stylus, and the battery only needs recharging once a month. But most importantly for our purposes here, it's larger, flatter, and won't roll off your desk when you least expect it. Find out more about it here!