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Doodle on your iPad

You've got to admit, it was pretty liberating when Apple brought out the iPhone and iPad with their wonderful touch screens. However drawing on them with your finger is another matter. Especially if you've got big, fat sausage fingers and a tiny little iPhone 4. Well, Wacom has the answer with its newly released Bamboo Stylus pocket.

This new pen tool is designed for use with smartphones, iOS devices and Android tablets with touch screens, and aims to bring precision and accuracy to creative work. In an aluminium finish with black grip, and at 93mm in length, it has an ergonomic design and slips into your pocket like a normal pen. Customise it with changeable colour rings in silver, red and blue. There's also a clever headphone jack on its cap. You can plug it into the socket on your smartphone or tablet so it's always at hand when you need it. And, you can choose between soft or firm nibs depending on your sketching, doodling or writing style.

To complement the Stylus Pocket, Wacom has shipped the free Bamboo Paper App which you can download and install. This iPad app provides you with a digital notebook where you can write notes, draw and also add photos and other images.

Bamboo Styles sells for £29.00.