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Animated typography building illustrations - what's not to love?

We'll start you off: the first 'D' represents 'art direction'. But can you work out the rest (below)?

We'll start you off: the first 'D' represents 'art direction'. But can you work out the rest (below)?

It's not often you find work that blends animation and illustration together with architecture and typography, but Das Kreative Haus does exactly that.

Created by Hamburg agency Deepblue Networks, which develops communication solutions for major brands and digital products, Das Kreative Haus was illustrated by Florian Schommer, a graphic designer and co-founder of Hamburg's Kollectiv Kjosk, with character design by Benedikt Bockshecker and animation by Thorben Ehlers and Leon Friedrich.

To summarise Deepblue's main services and communicate the company's philosophy – 'Ideas Love Technology', the team came up with animated buildings in the shape of letters that go together to spell 'Deepblue'.

Everything fits together on the Kreative Haus site, where the images work are matched with explanatory text – in German, naturally – and each building matches the drop cap at the beginning of each paragraph.

Each animated letterform is a self-contained little world with lots of action going on and plenty of neat little touches to spot; our favourites include the dinky little bat-signal on the D (we're not sure how easily Bruce Wayne would spot it), the pop-gun battle on the roof of the D, and the daring skateboarder using the U as a giant half-pipe.

The eight letterforms are intended to illustrate art direction, copywriting, interaction design, motion design, development, interactive development, account management and services and finance; can you spot which is which? Find out over at the Das Kreative Haus site.

Words: Jim McCauley

Jim McCauley is a writer, editor and occasional podcaster, and is available for children's parties.

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