Q&A: Hector Ayuso Ros

Computer Arts: What is the story behind the OFFF festival?

Hector Ayuso Ros: OFFF was born in Barcelona in 2001. Through the years the festival has featured digital artists, web and print designers, motion graphics studios and avant-garde electronic musicians. Legendary names have appeared and more than 22,000 people from across the world have attended.

CA: What can visitors expect from OFFF BCN? Are there any exciting guests?
HAR: Visitors to OFFF will find many inspirational and motivating experiences. There will be music from big names in the electronic music scene such as Frank Bretschneider and Vladislav Delay. Legendary graphic designers, including Stefan Sagmeister and Neville Brody, will talk about their experiences and works, plus we've got animator and motion graphics designer Kyle Cooper, the creator of the opening credits for Se7en.

CA: You define OFFF as being about a "post-digital creation culture". What do you mean by "post-digital"?
HAR: A few years ago a bunch of tools appeared on the artistic scene - digital tools based on the versatility of computers to do tasks. This year has been a kind of experimental playground and now we have reached a position where the digital tools are just tools. They are not the reason for art, but the way some people make art.

CA: Who has appeared at past events?
HAR: Last year we invited Neville Brody. He didn't believe he was going to impress OFFF's public, but at the end of the conference everyone left the venue surprised and moved and he was really impressed by the general reaction. At the end of the presentation some people had tears in their eyes.

CA: Have you ever managed to discover any new talents through OFFF?
HAR: We have an area in the festival called Openroom, which is an open space for new artists and agencies to promote themselves. Some of them have grown up with OFFF. Inklude started at Openroom and is now one of the guests at OFFF. We are really proud because some people send us grateful emails for giving them exposure. This is one of the best sides of managing an event like this.

CA: Many designers are doing experimental audio work right now. How does this fit into your vision for OFFF?
HAR: Music has always been a part of OFFF. I am conscious that the relationship between the visual artists invited to OFFF and the music is really diverse, but what we all have in common is that music is an important element in our work, not just as an applied tool but as a generator of inspiration and motivation.

INFO: OFFF BCN takes place in Barcelona from 11-13 May 2006. For more information and to book tickets, visit www.offf.ws/bcn

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