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Shazam's beautiful new app interface revealed

Music-recognition giant Shazam has unveiled the all-new Shazam App for Windows Phone 8, featuring a slightly new look to the familiar interface. The new Shazam design includes larger artwork for tags and a richer blue background than users of its iPhone and Android iterations will be used to.

Shazam has resisted the urge to go too far down the flat design road, but the icon fits beautifully into Windows 8's acclaimed 'Metro' tile scheme while still retaining the look, feel and functionality of the app.

The app itself still features the fastest song tagging around - taking around 3secs to identify any song - and the option to purchase tracks from either XBox Music or, if using a Nokia phone, Nokia Music. Other features include local tags and tagging from the home screen via an optional tile.

But it's the design that we're concerned with, and we have to say that while it is not hugely innovative it is a pleasing interface that retains the all-important ease-of-use and attractive look.

Grab the Shazam Windows 8 app from the Microsoft Windows Store.

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