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Breeze: surf forecast made simple

Portuguese visual designer Luis Vaz likes to surf. The problem is that there isn't an ideal surfing weather forecast app, so he took it upon himself to create one.

What does it do?

Breeze will give you all your surfing needs and forecasts. You can add your favourite surfing spots and find out in under five seconds if you can catch some quick waves. The app will also immediately report your favourite spot first, so you don't have to sift through the any others.

Breeze: Wax on to add spot

Breeze: Wax on to add spot

Luis also decided to leave out any sort of social networking. Despite the popularity of it, Luis felt that surfers such as himself would prefer to keep the surfing conditions to themselves - and maybe the beach too for that matter!

The app reports on the following aspects:

  • wind
  • velocity
  • direction
  • wave height
  • period
  • direction
  • tides information
  • swell

Breeze will have an easy-to-use traffic light system

Breeze will have an easy-to-use traffic light system

You can also change the surf location by simply sliding it across. There's a colour coded system too, which will make the app even easier to understand. Luis added the Nike logo, as he felt this was the perfect brand to represent the app.

What do you think of Luis' app design? Let us know in the comments box below!