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Hyperrealistic water paintings by Elizabeth Patterson

It's extremely hard to believe, we know, but these images are not photographs but hyperealistic paintings. Part of an ongoing project, the artwork was created by artist Elizabeth Patterson, who is, in her own words, 'fascinated by the transformational qualities of light and distance'.

The concept first came about during a recent car journey. "Rainscapes was born of my attempts to watch the patterns created by water and nightlight on my windshield during a rainstorm," says Patterson. "A few drops turned into rivulets, blurring my vision. Then the wipers would completely change the image."

Mezmerized by the constantly shifting colour and distances in the landscape, Patterson decided to recreate these images using colour pencils and reference photography. We're a little in awe of the clear talent that this lady possesses. We also love how these paintings can be seen as both real and abstract at the same time.

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