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Batman rebrand updates Wayne Enterprises


This spiky new logo is part of a larger rebrand for Wayne Enterprises

Every company needs an update once in a while, even if they're a fictional conglomorate owned by a superhero.

This redesign of Batman's Wayne Enterprises was created by Indian-based artist Mazhar Bagasrawala as a classroom module on corporate identity, and the whole project packs impressive attention to detail.

From using the Gotham font to streamlining the company's name to just 'Wayne' ("the suffix 'enterprises' is an obsolete trend" Mazhar explains), this rebrand cleverly injects the comic book universe with a marketing spiel.

Check out the whole project on his Behance page, and browse some of Mazhar's impressive work below.

Wayne rebrand

The project is packed with amusing marketing jargon

Wayne rebrand

The new Wayne logo went through dozens of drafts

Wayne rebrand

Different logos match different industries

Wayne rebrand

Silver foil adds an impressive touch to Wayne business cards

Wayne rebrand

The rebrand extends to all areas of office stationery

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