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Branding a blockbuster

Every movie has different business strategies to meet. In the following tutorial we discuss the process behind developing the brand identity for an entertainment property. From initial research to final in-store point of purchase displays, we shed light on what makes entertainment properties tick.

Pilot has been in the business of style guides and visual branding since 2005. With a diverse client roster including entertainment giants Lucasfilm, Disney/Pixar, DC Comics/Warner Bros among others, we find it important to approach each project with the same steps in mind. This enables us to deliver highly successful initiatives every time.

Before you can jump right in and start designing a movie's logo, some familiarity with different areas of the entertainment industry - filmmaking, marketing, licensing, brand development, consumer goods and graphic design - is vital. Too many graphic designers isolate themselves. Not every director is concerned with the mission or strategies of the brand manager, but it's our job to give them exactly what they need, while not compromising creativity.

For this project, our team uncovered the brand DNA for Vikings - a fictitious, yet classic tale of good versus evil as two Viking brothers embark on very different paths in life. Utilising the entire Adobe Suite, we help you gain insight into the exciting world of movie branding.

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