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Can you guess the brands from these illustrated clues?

name that brand

Can you name the brands through these illustrated clues?

Iconic brands always come with iconic names. Logo design and branding aside, it's the name that you often remember and when that name springs to mind, you automatically think of their product. This fun, illustrative quiz from Printsome turns those names into imagery.

"It's a fun way to think about brands' names and what they mean," explain Printsome's Paula Rúpolo. "I started researching about Apple's name history and its meaning and then moved to other big brands' name origins. Then imagination took over and I thought 'why not illustrate it?'"

Some are easier than others and whilst we're sure you'll name them as soon as you see them - seeing as you're all branding masterminds - why not take this fun little illustrative quiz?

Enter your guesses in the comments box at the bottom of the page...


name that brand


name that brand


name that brand


name that brand


name that brand

Now enter your guesses in the comments box below! You can find out more about Printsome over on their website.

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