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Computer Arts on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Today Apple launches Newsstand for iOS 5. And we're on it.

That's right, you can now buy individual issues and subscribe to Computer Arts directly from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Of course if you upgrade to iOS 5 you can download and read using the Newsstand app, but if you don't want to upgrade for whatever reason, you can still download the app and buy issues or subscribe (as long as you have iOS 4.3) on your iOS device.

All you do is download the app for free and then choose to either buy individual issues or subscribe from within the app. You can store a library of your purchases and, if you subscribe, you'll be notified when a new issue is available.

The latest issue of the magazine (issue 193) along with issue 192 are available in the app now. The app is currently on the App Store and will be on the Newsstand Store when it launches in a few hours.

Get it now at the links below or search for Computer Arts on the App Store/Newsstand Store.

[UPDATE] For a limited time, issue 192 is free on Newsstand! Download the reader at the links below and get the issue for nothing!



And here's what the app looks like in Newsstand on an iPhone, just in case you wondered...

Computer Arts on Newsstand

Computer Arts on Newsstand