Folio focus: Construct

The challenge for Construct when rebranding juice company Radiance Cleanse was to find a way to communicate the product’s therapeutic benefits. The result is an identity which, according to creative director Georgia Fenley, is “a little medical, a little serious”, and places the focus firmly on the bottles’ vibrant contents. “We wanted the juice to be the hero, the ingredients to speak for themselves,” she concludes.

“We are not interested in superficial marketing,” explains Georgia Fenley, founder and creative director of design boutique Construct. “We are interested in profound understanding that creates the platform for confident, brave, beautiful communications.”

Fenley founded Construct in 2005 with the intention of creating exceptional-quality work and fostering valuable client relationships, and the London-based studio has since developed an impressive portfolio in a range of luxury markets.

Working predominantly in such high-end fields comes with its own particular set of challenges: “Our clients are demanding, ambitious and have very high standards,” smiles Fenley. “We love working for the most discerning people; it’s hard work, but incredibly rewarding.”

Its clients may be demanding, but it appears as though the designers at Construct make similarly high demands of themselves. Fenley believes that really effective branding hinges on a profound knowledge of the product and company. “We make sure we understand each brand’s personality, its nuances and how we can magnify these qualities to make the brand magnetic,” she explains.

Construct created this limited-edition packaging for department store Harvey Nichols to celebrate the year of the Golden Jubilee and the London Olympics. The playful designs, which were inspired by luxury luggage from the likes of Louis Vuitton, feature quintessentially English icons.

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