The fonts that will make your brand trustworthy

Monotype has introduced its Brand with Heart Collection – a curated palette of typefaces that make brands feel, among other things, more trustworthy.

The collection was inspired by recent partnership between Lippincott – a global branding agency - and Monotype. The pair designed a new brand identity and custom typeface for Southwest Airlines.

Monotype have produced a printed edition of the collection which you can request here.

The Southwest Airlines redesign saw the brand change its communications radically.

Customers are changing

"In recent years, consumers have grown generally distrustful of institutions who communicate by declaring, preaching or selling. This cultural shift has caused brands to embrace their human side by listening to consumers, being more real and open and conveying their message in ways that are simple and honest," said Rodney Abbot, Senior Partner at Lippincott.

The extensive Southwest Airlines rebranding project saw the creation of a new typeface – Southwest Sans.

Looking closely at feelings

The quest for clear, real and trustworthy communications saw the creation of Southwest Sans

According to Monotype Type Director Dan Rhatigan, "When called into service, a typeface can uniquely express a variety of moods and tones without losing its family identity. The Southwest Sans typefaces were designed to feel like Southwest at their largest and smallest sizes, because every word counts."

The trust collection

The redesign project saw the creation of a new logo.

Inspired by Southwest Sans' success, Abbot set about exploring the role typography plays in making a brand feel human and trustworthy. This work became The Brands with Heart Collection.

Typefaces have different qualities and quirks that can all influence customers' emotions and reactions.

Abbot says: "Shedding institutional habits and learning to speak with humanity is a challenging journey. It can't be faked or fabricated. The Brands with Heart Collection will help to guide brands along that journey."

Words: Martin Cooper

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