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How to create a great branded experience

In the above video, branding consultant Dee Cooper reveals how crucial it is for agencies to work closely together to create a seamless branded experience for customers.

During her stint at Virgin Atlantic, Dee used to run summits to get the likes of PearsonLloyd, Pentagram and Softroom Architects round a table to discuss everything from interiors to cutlery: "It's about the sum of the parts coming together to create the whole experience," she adds.

She also discusses her experience working with the London 2012 Olympics: "We all know the build-up was actually really negative. Once we got over that horrible fiasco with ticketing, we then got into the horrible fiasco over security," Dee recalls. "But then the Olympics started, we started winning medals - which helped - and the sun came out, which also helped," she smiles.

"But what we were doing behind the scenes was making sure that it was a great day out - part of an amazing experience. You have to think through all the stages of the journey and make sure the whole experience works together."

People expect great design these days, she adds - and designers just can't afford to drop the ball. "Expectations are changing all the time - it just gets harder, and we need to think things through even more," she adds.

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