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Let's talk about hex: geometric identity for cultural centre

Erretres was asked to create the identity for La Térmica, Malaga’s new ‘cultural epicentre’. The venue - which hosts exhibitions, workshops, lectures and gigs - is a former hospital and civic centre.

The Madrid-based design consultancy wanted to respect the building’s architectural identity, while creating a direct, unifying brand. "The basic identity element is the hexagonal pattern drawn by the floor tiles of the building," says Erretres project manager Esther Rebollar.

"The colour used is Pantone Warm Red, which is a reference to the name of the building - 'Térmica' means 'thermal' in Spanish - and the warm weather enjoyed by the city. The secondary identity element comes from the fragmentation and repetition of the sides of the hexagon, keeping the same angles, resulting in a marked pattern."

This article was originally published in Computer Arts issue 214.

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