Pepsi reveals new logo design for its bottled water brand

Pepsi has revealed a new logo design for its bottled water brand, Aquafina, and it's a bold refresh for a brand that's remained largely untouched for 20 years.

Aquafina has had more than its share of headlines over the years thanks to the revelation that, like Coca-Cola's Dasani, it's basically tap water, albeit tap water that's been through a number of special filtration processes.

Aquafina's new logo is a much-needed refresh for a brand that stretches back to the 1990s

Its new logo is much more fresh, however, taking the old design – which is so 1990s it hurts – and bringing it thoroughly up to date with clean and dynamic new visuals aimed to refresh and elevate the brand.

The solid blue background of the old Aquafina logo has been replaced with a pattern of translucent waves in three shades of blue, and the mountains have been transformed from something that looks a bit like a line chart into a more subtle pair of Alpine peaks, suggesting a clean, icy landscape.

The old logo. The serifs! They burn!

The most notable change to the redesign is Aquafina's new word mark, ditching those serifs that looked so cool back when Bush were topping the pop charts and replacing them with a simple and approachable sans serif font that aims to complete the brand's crisp new look.

The new logo is the work of PepsiCo's Design and Innovation Center, led by Chief Design Officer Mauro Porcini.

PepsiCo's Design and Innovation Center has also worked on this Lay's project with Malika Favre

It's been doing some exciting work with PepsiCo's various brands of late, including a collaboration with Malika Favre for Lay's, a Pepsi Live fashion line, and F!ZZ, a new brand experience that promises to define the future of soft drink mixology, with a glorious tag line: "Grab life by the bubbles". Nice.

Words: Jim McCauley

Jim McCauley is a writer, editor and occasional podcaster, and is available for space parties.

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