The story behind new digital agency, Bonsey Jaden

Attracted by the emerging Asian market and the chance to combine digital prowess with some physical, offline talents, Sydney-based digital marketing collective The Jaden Group has joined branding firm Bonsey Design in Singapore to form a new digital branding agency - Bonsey Jaden (if that's unclear, there's a handy Venn diagram below). We chatted to Jaden Group's Daniel Posavac and Nic Robertson, and Bonsey Design's Jonathan Bonsey, who together are heading up Bonsey Jaden, to find out how they got to where they are now.

Can you sum up what each partner agency does?

Nic Robertson: The Jaden Group is a collection of digital-minded businesses, based in Australia, offering corporate and entertainment brands new ways to engage and grow their audience online.

Jonathan Bonsey: Bonsey Design is a team of brand architects dedicated to building impactful, iconic brands in Asia.

Why did you decide to join forces?

JB: We were introduced by mutual client Entertainment, who recognised the very exclusive, complementary strengths of both organisations. Bonsey specialises in building brands for clients in the physical, offline world while Jaden is an expert in the digital online space.

NR: It was a very spontaneous process – instant chemistry between two businesses with a lot to gain from coming together. The idea was for Bonsey Jaden to inhabit that delicious little overlap between the online and offline worlds our respective business operate in.

Jaden Group is based completely in Australia at the moment – what attracted you to the Asian market?

NR: I could talk for days about my passion for Asia; the decision to relocate was actually one of the easiest I've ever made. The fact that we have an incredible business opportunity in bringing our international experience and digital expertise to a developing market here is a very, very thick layer of icing on the cake.

Tell us a bit about the new Bonsey Jaden…

Daniel Posavac: It's a full-service digital agency specialising in web and app development, social media, online marketing and data and analysis. We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes to build, manage and promote their brand in the online world.

Currently based in Australia, Bonsey Jaden has ambitious expansion plans

Currently based in Australia, Bonsey Jaden has ambitious expansion plans

You're already planning offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Sri Lanka as well as Singapore. That seems quite ambitious...

JB: Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia are existing Bonsey Design markets where the firm has companies, facilities and staff. Bonsey Jaden will use these structures to facilitate and accelerate the growth of the joint business. The addition of digital services into Bonsey Design's offline service in these markets is a logical and positive move.

NR: The goal is to turn these offices into self-sufficient hubs which also cater to local clients. I guess ambitious is a pretty good way to describe us!

What has been the most challenging thing about setting up Bonsey Jaden?

DP: Learning the intricacies of doing business in Asia. Also, personally, relocating from Sydney to Singapore came with its own challenges – but I have to say it already feels like home.

NR: There is a lot to learn about running a business in Singapore, but having anytime-access to Jonathan and the support of his incredibly well-established infrastructure and network has definitely made one of the most challenging things also one of the most rewarding things.

This article originally appeared in Computer Arts issue 226.

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