Building a brand with social media

04. Shareable content

You can take advantage of social media to syndicate your content to increase your brand's visibility and potentially attract new customers and brand yourself as an authority in the field. Use social media as your brand's voice and content.

To effectively help promote your brand recognition, by creating content that is instantly shareable. Remember the animated music Nyan Cat video (above), which generated over 100 million views on YouTube. After being promoted on Facebook and Twitter, this video went crazy virally.

Does this mean you should go out and create fun videos? Not necessarily. But the principle is to create content that people will naturally share. Always ensure any content you share supports your own brand image.

05. Regularly update and monitor

Use a social media management software like HootSuite to manage all your channels

Use a social media management software like HootSuite to manage all your channels

Keeping your social presence regularly updated and fresh will keep your followers interested in your brand. It creates an image that you are an active and enthusiastic brand and someone who cares about their image online. Nobody likes to follow a social media account who only publishes once or twice a year.

Set up dates in your calendar to do this regularly. Too frequently updating your profile may annoy your audience. Take a look at how frequently you should be updating your social media sites.

Managing multiple social media accounts can be difficult. Instead try using any one of these social media management software, so you may publish and monitor all your channels under one roof. There is Buffer, HootSuite, Sendible or Spout Social.

06. Mistakes to avoid

  • If you ever receive any negative feedback or poor reviews or even low ratings, don't tarnish your brand online by making yourself look aggressive or unresponsive. Or worse using copy and pasted robotic responses. Always respond to comments in a timely fashion and instead use this situation to show how your brand's commitment to quality customer service.
  • Many brands focus heavily in just promoting and selling products to their audience. People don't go on Facebook to be sold to. They go on there to waste time, connect with friends, chat and watch silly cat videos. Make sure you engage with your followers, promote interesting and entertaining content.
  • Don't ever buy fake followers or likes. This may make you look popular, but the whole point of social media is engagement. Artificial followers will never interact, promote or take an interest in your brand.

With so many of us already on social media sites, you can now actively join the ranks to become known in the industry. Directly connect with customers on these social media sites. Be a brand others want to associate with and people will naturally follow you.

What you waiting for? Get socialising now!

Words: Steven Wu
Main image: colaja on DeviantArt

Steven Wu currently runs R & W Media, a Magento agency based in London. He frequently writes for online and print publications.

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