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The best monitor stands for your studio (that don’t cost $1,000)

best monitor stands: TechOrbits Dual Monitor Mount Stand
[Image: Ergotron] (Image credit: TechOrbits)

Looking for the best monitor stands? Everyone's been talking about them lately thanks to Apple. Its new Mac Pro is a remarkable machine, but it and its accompanying monitor are seriously expensive. And when Apple revealed that the monitor stand alone will cost a staggering $1,000, even the brand's most committed fans winced (although some still think Apple's monitor stand is worth it).

A career as a creative is hugely rewarding, but very few of us can justify that kind of expense for what it, ultimately, a piece of highly engineered metal. That's why we've gathered together a collection of the very best monitor stands that are great quality but still affordable.

The stands we've chosen are all robust enough for daily use, ergonomically designed for all-day comfort, and flexible so you can adjust them to suit you. We've also included a dual monitor stand if you prefer to work with two screens.  If you haven't got a monitor yet, then don't miss our guide to the best 4K monitors. And if you want to be even more flexible, check out this round up of the best monitor arms and portable monitors available now. 

Eletab Single Monitor Arm Stand

[Image: Eletab] (Image credit: Eletab)

01. Eletab Single Monitor Arm Stand

A monitor stand that's ergonomic, yet budget-friendly

Super affordable
Sleek design
Less flexible than some

The Eletab Single Monitor Arm Stand looks far smarter than you'e expect for its diminutive price tag. With 90 degree tilt, swivel and rotation, it's not quite as adjustable as some of the slightly pricier options here, but it gives you far more flexibility than Apple's offering. It supports up to 19.8lb, so make sure you check your monitor's weight before buying, particularly if you have a superwide display. This is the gas spring version, but there's also a mechanical spring version for even less if you're not going to be changing your monitor's height regularly.

TechOrbits Dual Monitor Mount Stand

[Image: TechOrbits] (Image credit: TechOrbits)

02. TechOrbits Dual Monitor Mount Stand

The most flexible monitor stand for a dual-screen setup

Strong, flexible arms
Looks stylish
May need adjustment

The smart-looking TechOrbits Dual Monitor Mount Stand is infinitely adjustable, with two gas spring arms that make adjusting your screens a breeze. It's tough, too – the stand is suitable for 13-inch to 30-inch monitors, and each arm can support up to 20lb. It's made from high quality aluminium, making it stylish, strong and lightweight. All for a tenth the price of Apple's stand. After you fit your monitors, you might need to tighten the arms a little with the included Allen key, but once that's done, this stand will keep both your displays well supported for many years to come.

Buy TechOrbits Dual Monitor Mount Stand from Amazon for £100

Ergotron LX Desk Mount Arm

[Image: Ergotron] (Image credit: Ergotron)

03. Ergotron LX Desk Mount Arm

A versatile monitor stand to help you maintain healthy posture

Ergonomically designed
Supports heavier monitors
'Tall' version offers more height

The Ergotron LX Desk Mount Arm will keep your monitor up where you can see it comfortably, raising it up to 13 inches off your desk to help you maintain good posture. It rotates and pans 360 degrees, and tilts 75 degrees, so you can adjust it any way you like. This stand is available in two colourways to suit your workspace: plain black, and silver and black, and when you've finished working, it folds neatly out of the way if you're short of desk space. It supports monitors up to 34 inches in size, and weighing up to 25lb. 

Ergotron LX Sit-Stand Wall Arm

[Image: Ergotron] (Image credit: Ergotron)

04. Ergotron LX Sit-Stand Wall Arm

A strong, flexible monitor stand that's ideal for standing desks

Highly flexible
Suitable for heavy displays
No desk-mounting option

If you use a standing desk to reduce back and neck strain while you work, the Ergotron LX Sit-Stand Wall Arm could be the monitor stand for you. Like Ergotron's desk mount arm (above), it offers 360-degree pan and rotation, with 75-degree tilt. It will hold screens up to 42 inches in size and weighing up to 25lb, so it's also an excellent choice for TVs. With a polished aluminium design and neat cable routing, it's a stylish choice that'll give Apple's stand a run for its (considerable) money in the looks department.

Humanscale M2CW1S M2 Monitor Arm

[Image: Humanscale] (Image credit: Humanscale)

05. Humanscale M2CW1S M2 Monitor Arm

A premium monitor stand with the looks to match

Very stylish
Excellent built quality
Expensive (relatively)
Only supports 15lb

Until recently, we would have considered the table-mounted Humanscale M2CW1S M2 Monitor Arm a seriously premium monitor stand, and it still looks the part, finished in brushed aluminium and gloss white. It's well built, too, with self-lubricating bearings for smooth movement year after year, plus a counterbalance indicator so you can configure it for your monitor's weight before you attach it. The super-sleek Humanscale isn't as heavy-duty as some of the other monitor stands here, only able to support a maximum payload of 15lb, but provided you're not using an ultrawide display (see our pick of the best ultrawide monitors here), that should be sufficient in most cases. 

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