5 free ebooks for freelancers

Making that leap into freelance life can be daunting and exciting at the same time. I mean, who doesn't like the idea of working from home in your favourite pyjamas, right? But seriously, whether you're just about to make the move into freelance life or are a seasoned pro, these free resources aim to help your career flourish.

01. Freelancer's Bible

free ebooks Freelancer s Bible

Ditch the 9-5 with this free freelancer's handbook

Making a go of your solo career is not easy, but you can give yourself a foot up with The Freelancer’s Bible from Route 1 Print, which gives you all the knowledge you need to make your design business a success and it won't cost you a penny.

This free ebook covers a range of topics that those moving into freelance struggle with, including how to structure your business (self-employed vs incorporated), how to handle tax, how to acquire customers, how to charge for print, and much more.

02. Design's Iron Fist

free ebooks Design s Iron Fist

This free ebook will help you get the best out of your work

Jarrod Drysdale is a designer writer who focuses his articles on getting the best out of your work. This is a sort of continuation of sis previous book 'Bootstrapping Design', in which he collects all of his previous essays into one, free e-book. Topics such as 'Think like a designer' and 'Get out of a creative rut' are just some of the titles on offer.

03. The Creative Aid

free ebooks The Creative Aid

The Creative Aid is packed full of inspiration and available to download today

Created by Kooroo Kooroo, The Creative Aid is a free book jam packed full of inspiration and available to download today.

Co-founders Nicole Smith and Richard Tapp explain the concept: "It's a mini resource for your creative projects and food for your creative thoughts. We’ve included our own valuable references and resources we know and trust as a means to help you get your projects done. We want to give you the creative push from a direction you may not have thought of, be it informative, inspirational, or simply entertaining."

04. How to be creative

free ebooks How to be Creative

How to be Creative offers a useful set of headline approaches to maximising your creativity

More of a manifesto than a traditional book, 'How to be Creative' offers a useful set of headline approaches to maximising your creativity, with the author Hugh MacLeod offering some insight into his own personal experience of why each is a useful and/or important technique or lesson to spur you on.

05. The Freelance Handbook

Whether you're thinking about making the leap or are a seasoned freelance pro, download a copy of the Freelance Handbook for FREE – 116 pages of practical tips and essential advice for making it alone, and it won't cost you a penny.

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