6 ways for designers to stay healthy

Step away from the stylus and get back from that Mac: even if you have all the tools for graphic designers, being a designer can be hazardous to your health. The job you love could be doing serious damage to your body and to your brain.

Some of you already know this. We used social media to find out how readers felt their jobs had affected their health. Here's what we found...

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Carrie Marshall

Carrie Marshall is a journalist, copywriter, ghostwriter, broadcaster and musician from Glasgow, where she lives with her two children, a greyhound and more guitars than are strictly necessary. A professional writer since 1998, Carrie is particularly interested in how technology can help us live our best lives and has written thousands of features, columns, reviews and news stories for a huge range of magazines, newspapers, websites and trade publications including T3, Techradar, MacFormat, BBC, Sunday Post and People’s Friend.