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Upside-downers give you twice the app fun

upside downers: bambu app

The Upside-downers were created for a wallpaper generating app

As a designer, you're probably faced with screens-a-plenty on a daily basis. Whether it be your computer, your phone or your tablet, staring at a blank canvas can be a daunting prospect. Thankfully, the Bambu app is here to provide you with enough wallpaper options to get that inspiration flowing.

Based in Brighton, Lucy Irving has created these Upside-downers to add to the already sterling array of wallpapers on offer.


The Upside-downers are all inspired by the work of people such as Rex Whistler, who created lots of upside-down faces as part of a Shell Oil advertising campaign in the 1930s, and the American Illustrator Peter Newell who published two volumes of upside-down drawings called Topsys & Turvys around 1890.

Each upside-downer is a human and animal that are connected in some way. Red side up is human and the blue side is animal.

upside-downers: magician

upside-downers: shark

upside-downers: caveman

upside-downers: cowboy

upside-downers: explorer

upside-downers: indian

You can see the rest of the Upside-downer characters on Lucy's blog.

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