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Batman fights Superman in amazing new poster

Batman vs Superman poster

The poster pits Batman and Superman against each other

Superheroes have provided plenty of inspiration when it comes to fan-made posters. There's no denying that the comic universe boasts some of the most die-hard followers, so the announcement of the new Batman/Superman Affleck/Cavill movie was sure to spark some serious creativity.

Artist and fan Matt Ferguson has produced this brilliantly inspired poster design that pits two of the world's most famous heroes against each other. The film, set for release in 2015, is said to be loosely based on the happenings in 'The Dark Knight Returns' which sees the two come to blows.

Minimal fuss, careful use of colour and a clever choice of typography makes this totally unofficial poster one of the best we've seen. Also, notice the integration of both the Batman and Superman logo right at the bottom of the design.

See more of Matt Ferguson's work over on his website.

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