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10 rules for running a killer studio

06. Talk with clients like you talk to your family, friends and pets

"Stop talking above other peoples heads. Stop using words that makes you feel higher than everyone else. Stop acting grown up. Stop being stiff at work. Just be yourself exactly the way you are in your private life."

10 commandments for running a killer studio

The SNASK book 'Make Enemies & Gain Fans' will be printed again this summer

07. Social skills are as important as being good at setting type

"Yes, we need people who can communicate with each other. That's extremely important at Snask and it doesn't matter how good you are at what you do if you can't talk or communicate with other people."

08. See people as people, not as target groups

"No need to comment on this one. See humans, not numbers on a sheet."

09. Wear a black suit? That doesn't mean you're a goddamn professional

"So true. Lots of people who call themselves professional wear suits. Most often they are even badly tailored. Wearing a suit has nothing to do with the grief of your lost child at a funeral or your love for your partner at a marriage. It's the real loss of your child or the real love you feel for your partner that matters. Same goes for work. Your suit has nothing to do with you being professional or not."

10 commandments for running a killer studio

Fredrik Öst during their shoot for 2012's OFFF title sequence

10. Having enemies is a good thing

It proves that you stood up for something sometime in your life. Yes, it sets you apart from the people and things in life that you're furthest away from. Stand up for your own opinions and make sure you do it loud!

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