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Adobe adds new Illustrator features to Creative Cloud

The new features, according to Adobe, are:

  • Package Files – a long-requested feature that allows designers to automatically collect all the files used in an Illustrator project, including linked graphics and fonts, into a single folder helping make handoffs and sharing of projects more efficient and error-free.
  • Unembed Images – a new capability that helps enables production artists to quickly unembed images that have been embedded into an Illustrator file by other designers or customers, eliminating much wasted time in day-to-day production work.
  • Links Panel Enhancements – a new feature enhancement that allows users to access and track information on any artwork placed in an Illustrator file much quicker. What used to require multiple clicks to ensure all placed graphics meet necessary requirements for output is now surfaced up front.

Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition enables mid-sized studios, students and freelance designers to quickly and easily create brochures, portfolios and illustrated books for the Apple iPad.

Subscribing to Creative Cloud

A subscription to Creative Cloud costs £38.11 per month (ex. VAT) when paid for on an annual subscription or £57.17 (ex VAT) if paying on a month-by-month basis. If you own any version of Creative Suite, version CS3 or later, you’re also eligible for a reduced price membership of Creative Cloud for the first 12 months of just £22.23 per month (ex. VAT).