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Apple rocks the rainbow. Again.

Created for this year's World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC 2012), the new logo design echoes other recent Apple experiments with its logo branding - and even harks back to its distant past when rainbow striping was in vogue.

The new logo design - which dominates the WWDC 2012 website splash page - is certainly a bold, colourful contrast to Apple's corporate colours, which are almost monolithic in their black, white and silver / grey uniformity.

Aple logo comparison from our sister website, Gizmodo UK

Apple logo comparison from our sister website, Gizmodo UK

It proves, if nothing else, that the company remains true to its roots - and still has a certain playfulness that belies the grown-up, sober image it normally likes to portray.

The new logo design - and the announcement of WWDC 2012 - follows hot on the heels of Apple's best ever Q2 financial results, when it announced it $11.6bn in profits - up a staggering 94% for the same quarter last year.