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Design matters: Sustainable design

Nancy Bugeja
Co-founder, Housemouse

“Sustainability is the essence of my practice. My business functions thanks to the people I employ, who my clients rely upon to help their businesses. I have a responsibility – to my employees, my clients, to myself and my own family – to consider the impact of any decision I make. Providing meaningful design; considered production; a workplace that is functional and friendly; and a bottom line that is in profit: all these things sum up why sustainability is important to me and my practice.”

Rob Brearley
Creative director, Golden

“As designers, we have a responsibility to guide our clients through the production process, and the impact their print production has on the environment. Hopefully, we can steer them towards the friendlier print options available, but ultimately the decision rests with them. We restrict our paper use within the office and recycle any paper we do use. Emails and conference calls with our clients also help us reduce our yearly use of planes, trains and automobiles.”

Ned Selby
Creative director, New Future Design

“From a studio perspective we try to keep our impact low: we have sketchbooks made from old proofs, reuse Jiffy bags and envelopes, and use Freecycle to take old furniture and equipment off our hands.”

Matt Powell
Founder, Mud

“On a day-to-day level, we try to do our bit, but we make the most difference when we work with clients like Julie’s Bicycle. Then we can use our design and development skills to help them share their groundbreaking work on sustainability with a much wider audience.”

Alex Spiro
Creative director, NoBrow

“Sustainability in print is a necessary prerequisite for the sustainability of the medium. The only way we can justify print in an increasingly digital world is by marrying the tenets of good print design with the use of ethically and environmentally sound materials and production processes.”

Sarah Yates
AKA Faunagraphic, Artist

“We live in a world of wastefulness! Sustainability is one of the important aspects of design for now and the future, along with eco-friendliness and reusability. All designers should be adopting this frame of mind.”

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