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Designer bikes

Tierney Cycles

1 Coronation Street Chic

Roy McCarthy
Freelance designer

“My mate Simon used to run a place called Liverpool Cycle Centre. He found this old thing behind a pile of stuff in his garage. £150 later, it was all mine.

“It was built by Tierney Cycles in the 80s. It’s got a Reynolds 531 frame, a Campagnolo groupset and some Cinelli drop handlebars. I used to have this vague notion that I’d restore my bike. It’s been 12 years and all I’ve managed to do is lose the dynamo and fit a pannier rack.”


2 Nifty Nishiki

Nick Couts
Senior animator at Spacejunk Media

“I bought an old Nishiki on Craigslist from a daily commuter. I’ve always dug wood-textured Braun-style design, so I covered the frame with vinyl walnut contact sheets. It was tricky getting it around the tight spots. As for the dropouts and tough-to-reach spots, I painted them brown. The seat is a Verde Timber BMX seat, and has a woodgrain embossed texture. The other components are either white or stainless, which always looks good with wood.”

Bullitt Milk Race

3 Bullitt Milk Race

Jody Barton

“I’m a keen cyclist, both for getting around and for more tragic mid-life crisis fitness. Recently I’ve been doing some road racing and off-road cyclo-cross races. I spend a fair bit of time in Copenhagen where my girlfriend lives, and that’s where this picture was taken. I ride around with my cartoon son Embryo Boy, a disgusting little character I ‘gave birth’ to. We ride around on my cargo bike; a Bullitt Milk Race made by”