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Little Print Shop of Horrors II

Manchester agency Creative Spark isn't spooked by the idea of doing a little work for charity. Last year, they came up with a poster project called Little Print Shop of Horrors and it was so successful that, like every good zombie, it's back for Halloween 2012. All proceeds will go to Marie Curie Cancer Care, and there's an exhibition displaying the work at The Richard Goodall Gallery on Thomas Street, Manchester, until 31 October.

"Last year we were discussing ideas for Halloween and I suggested recreating posters for our favourite horror films," says head of design Andy Mallalieu. "We set up an online shop and sold them with all profits going to charity. After the success of last year we decided to bring back the Little Print Shop of Horrors for another year. We've also invited some of our extended work family to get involved this year which has been great."

Mallalieu's own posters this year include A Clockwork Orange and An American Werewolf in London, designer Jane Bowyer has done Let The Right One In and Edward Scissorhands, while Jodie Rudge has re-invented Hellraiser and Poltergeist. Neil Marra tackled The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Robyn Makinson created posters for Friday The 13th and A Nightmare On Elm Street. Jonny Wan came up with a particularly striking visage of Chucky from Child's Play.

Steven King's IT hasn't been forgotten, thanks to Andy Mallalieu

Steven King's IT hasn't been forgotten, thanks to Andy Mallalieu

"Everyone in the agency got involved and worked with the design team during the process," says Neil Marra, creative director. "We like to think we have a playful side to the agency and work on various in-house projects throughout the year to get those creative juices flowing. As for a favourite, I'd have to go with A Clockwork Orange - viddy well!'

Each print costs just £15 and can be purchased here.