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Penguin reveals brand new letterpressed look

Pelican logo

Penguin go for a modern, minimalist approach for the new Pelican logo

Penguin is one of the most iconic book publishers in the world - teaming beautiful graphic design and literature, their designs are a hit with creatives and bookworms alike. The Penguin logo has evolved over the years, placed on plenty of inspirational Penguin book covers to give it that iconic status. Now they've announced they're reintroducing their Pelican book range with this brand new logo.

Pelican, the home of Penguin's non-fiction releases, was launched in 1937 but discontinued in 1984. The new logo is a modernising of the original Pelican logo, designed by Edward Young and later refined by William Grimmond, while the cover designs for the new books have a letterpressed feel that evokes the historic legacy of the imprint.

Art director Jim Stoddart says that the new logo is is part of "a much broader and in-depth project that involves the design of the books, inside and out, and a unified and a creative new web presence."

Pelican logo

The old, more intricate Pelican logo will evoke pangs of nostalgia in Penguin book collectors

We love the simple, modern approach to the new look, proving once more that Penguin are at the top of their game when it comes to book cover designs. The imprint is relaunching with new five books, all released on 1 May. You can see the full list at

[via Creative Review]

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