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Programming is dead – design is all you need

When budgets are stretched and studios understaffed, it’s important to harness every tool at your disposal in the search to speed up workflow and increase productivity. This is particularly true in the field of website design.

From Angelfire to GeoCities, website builders have been around almost as long as the internet itself. But with the introduction of HTML5 website builders, programming is becoming increasingly surplus to requirements.

Website builders essentially take care of the backend, the programming stuff that makes things work, while offering options to customise the frontend, the look and feel of the website.

It's the ability to customise pages without the hassle of programming that enables you to shorten your work time and build websites faster – without spending hours searching through coding tutorials or the expense of freelancing work out. With the stresses of programming removed from the equation, you’re free to create breathtaking websites that keep clients happy.

It may, however, be premature to ring the ring the death knell for programming just yet. For large corporations or those needing particularly complex or unique websites, programming isn’t going anywhere. But most small business websites, blogs, portfolios and personal sites simply don't require coding to produce stunning results – especially with a creative applying their working knowledge of design to get the most from a website builder.

There is an abundance of website builders currently offering these services. IM Creator – the first HTML5 website builder on the market – is a leading brand in this area. The option to add pictures, videos, music, Google maps, forms, a gallery, slideshow and HTML, among others, means IM Creator is a one-stop shop for designing inspiring websites. Mobile templates are also available, offering total mobile and tablet compatibility.

IM Creator offers seamless integration with Google Apps to provide a reliable single sign-on experience, plus free customised email accounts, also through Google Apps. With built-in SEO and the option to add eCommerce, the service removes all the stresses associated with programming, and augments the pleasures of designing.

Work smarter, not harder: this is the key to success in today's creative climate. These sentiments ring particularly true in website design. The revolution founded on HTML5 website builders looks set to continue, bringing design to the fore and leaving programming all but obsolete. And any service that allows you to work less and create more must be embraced.