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Q&A: Six

To ensure your studio’s success in times of downturn, you must have a steady influx of new clients. Even if business is booming, you should always set time aside to generate further opportunities. Darren Jessop, managing director at creative consultancy Six, discusses the importance of generating business.

How does Six court new business?
We generate new business through several channels. Our existing work has delivered opportunities – such as winning a Webby award, last year, for example. We also handpick a few businesses that we feel we’d be a good fit for. Lastly, we seek opportunities through the client network we’ve developed over the years.

Is there such a thing as a bad client?
I think so. It’s pointless courting clients if they’re wrong for you, or you’re wrong for them. Some of our clients have taken a long time to land. Don’t throw the towel in.

What would you say is the most effective method of self-promotion?
Get your work featured on blogs. Many new clients have found their way to us via blogs featuring our work.

What are your tips for winning clients?
When you do get a sight of opportunity, it’s vital you jump on it quickly, effectively and enthusiastically. Being coy is not a great tactic in new business. Enthusiasm for a new client is a very disarming trait. We’ve won clients and have been told of agencies taking a week to answer a basic new business enquiry.

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