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Creating vector characters in Illustrator

Character design is such a wide and varied subject that the specifics of each character's process and gestation are unlikely to be the same for everyone.

However, some of the core principals, especially in the early stages of development, are key to creating a well-executed and memorable character. We talk through the essential steps, from before you even pick up a pen and paper to working your design up as a vector image, and show you some of our processes for adding details to the character.

If you are following this project with a particular brief in mind, think carefully about the target audience and what sort of design elements will be suitable for that audience - the usual concerns apply as they do with all design. The character we created is intended to be a mascot of sorts, and aimed at all ages. It is usable at a variety of sizes, and in both print and animation.

Click here to download the support files (3.94MB)

Click here to download the tutorial for free