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These mesmerising illustrated GIFs will make your day

mesmerizing GIFs

Sparrows wanted to add to the dimension of static drawing

Creativity is a chance to escape the real world; allowing you to produce your own universe of patterns, illustrations and characters, your work can help others escape the mundanity of every day life. Sparrows is one such artist that does just that, with an array of incredibly beautiful GIFs.

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"Being able to add the dimension of time to a static drawing is really satisfying and makes it feel like a little pixel snowglobe world," the artist explains. "I really loved those cinemagraphs that were big a few years back and wanted to try drawing my own.

"When you get to control every single pixel like the scary megalomaniacal god of your own little photoshop universe you're not beholden to most of the laws of physics or common sense. It's very fun." Take a look at some of our favourites below and be sure to check out the others on the sparrows website.

mesmerizing GIFs

The artist regularly shares the GIFs on twitter

mesmerizing GIFs

The GIFs feature a wide range of characters

mesmerizing GIFs

The immersive environments have been a huge hit online

mesmerizing GIFs

The fantasy aspects makes them all the more intriguing

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