The best Apple HomePod 2 prices in December 2023

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The Apple HomePod 2 smart speaker is a spatial audio powerhouse. It has high-fidelity sound quality and seamless integration with your Apple devices. Released in February 2023, this advanced audio doesn't come cheap, but we're here to find you the very best prices on an Apple HomePod 2. 

The Apple HomePod is essentially Apple's own take on creating an Amazon Echo smart speaker. It began in 2018 with the launch of the first-gen HomePod (now discontinued by Apple), followed by the more affordable HomePod Mini in late 2020, and now the Apple HomePod 2 is out starting at a retail price of £299 / $299. 

We haven't seen much of a price drop on this profound sound Apple smart speaker since its release, but our clever widgets below will pick up the best current deals based on your region. Keep scrolling to see the current best deals and prices on the Apple HomePod 2 smart speaker.

The best prices on an Apple HomePod 2

Apple HomePod 2

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Apple HomePod 2

The best home speaker for Apple users.

Features : Siri, stereo pairing, Spatial Audio | Dimensions: H:6.6 inches x W: 5.6 inches | Weight : 2.3 kg (5.16 pounds) | Connectivity: Apple HomeKit App (iOS) / Bluetooth / Apple Home App

Temperature / humidity sensor
Limited music platforms through Siri 

The Apple HomePod 2 comes at a relative high price, being more expensive than Amazon competitors. On the plus side, it retails for lower than the original HomePod did back in 2018, which started at £319 / $349 / AU$499. 

You do get a lot for your money, however. Powered by an S7 chip, the Apple HomePod 2 includes touch controls, uses environmental sensors to adjust its sound profile when moved to a new location, control an Apple TV hands-free. It can also pick up on "Hey Siri" commands, even while blasting at full volume (though Spotify, Tidal and Amazon Music can't use this function). 

We're yet to review this Apple smart speaker, but it has received praise from our sister site (and audio experts) What Hi-Fi? who gave it a glowing 5-star review. The only downside according to What Hi-Fi? You'll need to own an Apple device to set up the speaker initially (sorry Android users) and to really get the most out of this smart home speaker, it's advised to have an Apple Music subscription too.

Do I need to have an iPhone to set up the HomePod 2?

To set up your new Apple HomePod 2, you'll need one of the following Apple devices with WiFI or internet access: iPhone SE (2nd generation or later), iPhone 8 or later, iPad Pro, iPad (5th generation or later), iPad Air (3rd generation or later), iPad mini (5th generation or later) all with either the latest version of iOS or iPadOS. 

After you've set up your HomePod 2, you can use the Bluetooth function with any bluetooth-enabled device, as well as using the "hey Siri" voice command to control what you listen to. The HomePod 2 can also play third-party music services such as Spotify (subscription required, and not through the Siri function) or BBC Sounds, but to really get the most out of your HomePod 2 you'll want to have an Apple Music subscription for the best compatibility. 

Should I get a HomePod 2 or a HomePod Mini?

If you're an Apple-user that values excellent sound quality and features such as Spatial audio then you might want to spend the extra amount and opt for the newer Apple HomePod 2. However, If you don't necessarily need the horsepower or intense bass from the HomePod 2 then the HomePod Mini might be a much more affordable and budget friendly option for your home at a price of £99 / $99. 

The key differences between these two models aside from the price is of course the size, with the Mini model being a much more compact version of the HomePod at about half the height and two thirds of the width in comparison. As for features, there's not a lot of difference in what the Mini can't do, but considering the price difference, there will undoubtedly be a compromise on sound quality, so consider this when making the choice. 

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